Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woman Falsely Accused Sister's Boyfriend Of Rape

Comment: In the story below this comment, a young man was jailed for seven days, and his entire life was put on hold not knowing if he'd spend decades behind bars, because his lover decided to sacrifice him to save her own ass.

This is where I've come in my journey exploring false rape claims: I am at the point where I suspect some mothers actually pass along to their daughters the notion that if they ever need a handy excuse to cover up an illicit affair, just find the most plausible male and accuse him of rape.

The college guy home for the summer down the street? Perfect.

The high school kid who cuts your grass? He has a dick, doesn't he? He'll do just fine, thank you.

Or best of all, the young man with whom you are actually having an affair. You'll even get a good DNA match. So what if he actually had feelings for you? Throw him under the bus and let him rot in a prison cell for twenty years, where he'll probably be the victim of the very thing you accuse him of doing -- the thing he did not do.

He is male; therefore, he is expendable.

Perhaps my mind is numb from reading far too many of these horrible, horrible stories. But that is where I am. And I have lost every once of patience for the false rape claim deniers, both the foul-mouthed young women and their male enablers looking to curry favor with them, especially the snarky, self-righteous ones who think people like Alan Dershowitz and I "must" be misogynists because we dare to speak up for a class of innocent and badly abused citizens who are treated as little better than flotsam.

Here is the news story:

Woman Falsely Accused Sister's Boyfriend Of Rape

Greymouth, June 11 NZPA - A West Coast woman falsely accused her sister's boyfriend of raping her in an attempt to conceal from her sister that she was sleeping with him, a court was told.

In Greymouth District Court yesterday Terri-Lee Bettjeman, 22, of Moana, 39km southwest of Greymouth, was remanded on bail for sentencing on August 24 after she admitted making a false complaint.

Judge Brian Callaghan told Bettjeman she was lucky she had not been charged with perverting the course of justice, warning that she would probably go to jail anyway. Bettjeman told police the man broke into her Westport house and raped her on October 27 last year.

Police took the allegations seriously and arrested the man who spent seven days in custody.

Bettjeman was examined by a doctor, who specialised in sexual indecency, and five officers were involved in a week-long investigation.

"The investigation finally revealed that the defendant was in a deceitful relationship with her sister's boyfriend and made up the false allegation to cover it up," police prosecutor sergeant Mark Harris said.

Police estimated the inquiry had cost $4100 and sought that amount in reparation.