Friday, June 19, 2009

Trial set for woman accused of blackmailing man over rape charge

So let's get this straight. She blackmails him for $10K, and the news station won't name her because she is a victim of sexual assault? The only good part of this, is that the accused rapist isn't named either.

Extortionist in rape allegation goes to trial.

FARMINGTON -- A woman accused of blackmailing a man at Hill Air Force Base over a rape allegation will go on trial next month.

The 31-year-old woman appeared in 2nd District Court on Monday where she was expected to tae a plea deal. However, her attorney announced that she would like to take the case to trial.

Judge Michael Allphin scheduled a one-day bench trial beginning July 14.

The case is complicated, with the woman charged with second-degree felony theft by extortion.

Her attorney said she is the victim of a rape and filed a police report in Seattle. Davis County prosecutors said any rape investigation has no influence on their case against her.

KSL does not generally name alleged victims of a sexual assault.

Court documents say the woman blackmailed the man out of nearly $50,000 by saying she would not report the alleged sexual assault to military authorities in exchange for the money.
The man initially paid, court documents say, but went to police when she asked for another $5,000.

The woman has insisted she is innocent, telling KSL NewsRadio at her last court appearance the allegations are "a false charge."

Thanks to one of our readers for the story.