Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Public outraged that girl causes 15-year-old to be arrested for rape lie

Comment: If there is any question that what we do here is in any sense controversial, all you need to do is read the comments below news reports of false rape cases. I have copied some of the comments about the news account printed below. They are astute and pick up on many of the issues we routinely report here.

I have often pointed out that what we do here is in no sense controversial -- except among the shrieking radical gender feminists who have arrogated to themselves the right to control the public discourse on all issues relating to rape, including false rape claims. Unfortunately, even though the vast majority of people of people are outraged by false rape claims, we have no cabal intently committed to spreading the word aside from a few of us. The other side has a militant cult of "true believers" at its disposal who have made the very idea of rape the central sacrament in their church of victimization. That is why we all need to keep speaking up to make our voice heard.

Here are the comments and the news story:

". . . . This poor boy has to live with this hanging over him for the rest of his live. He may now suffer depression, lost of confidence, mental health and hate of women. This girl should never be let off why should she get away with this? someone will come back and tell me is only 14 so what the boy is only 14/15. . . . ."

". . . any female who is proved to have lied and cried rape should be named publicly and be brought to court. The accused should be able to sue. "

"Can you imagine what that poor boy has been through. His teachers being told he was arrested for rape and no doubt the news would have spread around the playground with parents gossiping about the poor lad. Did the police follow procedure and do an examination on the girl or did they just go on her word? Three things I would like to know is 1. Why she did it? 2. Why say it was a Black kid (is she racist/does she date Black boys etc)? 3. Will the police do the decent thing and remove any records of his arrest so this does not show on an enhanced CRB check and also destroy his DNA samples? Regardless of her age she should have been prosecuted. A 14 year old girl knows exactly what she is doing... "

"Anyone found of crying rape should be named, shamed and prosecuted."

"Researchers found that the three main motivations for reporting false rape are to provide an alibi where the accuser believes she may be pregnant or has had illicit consensual sex, revenge against a partner, and a desperate attempt to seek sympathy or attention. I wonder which one it will turn out to be being a Whitley girl?????"

"What a stupid girl. The problems are endless : for both real rape victims and then for other men who have been falsely accused. Don't get me wrong, real rapists are lower than scum which is what makes stories like this make me seeth. I think TilehurstSouthBanks idea of visting real rape victims is a very good idea... but I think the PC brigade will put their foot down. Anyway I just hope the lad is ok and never got beaten up etc. for his non-crime."

"That poor boy who was arrested will have this hanging over him forever. Say he wants to be a teacher or social worker later on; this arrest will remain on his record and show up in an enhanced CRB check. This idiotic girl,and others like her whose lies cast into doubt the accounts of real victims, should have their punishment reflect the terrible impact their actions have on others lives."

"I think she should get the punishment that the man would have had to do if he had been found guilty."

"This makes it all the more difficult for genuine rape victims to be believed. This girl should be made to visit real rape victims to listen to real accounts of this most dispicable crime."

"Stupid girl ! She should be prosecuted for this."

Heavy cost of rape claim lie

By Anna Roberts June 12, 2009

A teenage girl who cried rape only to be found to be making it up has been branded an “attention seeker” by police.

Five detectives, a detective inspector, a chief inspector and medical staff investigated the ‘incident’ over six days after the 14-year-old claimed a schoolboy had attacked her in a Whitley alleyway.

According to the officer at the heart of the investigation, Detective Sergeant Mark Heybourne, scenes of crime officers visited the site of the ‘rape’ between Whitley Wood Road and Hilary Close. Police even put out an appeal to the media with a description of her ‘attacker’ and arrested the innocent lad who matched her account.

Det Sgt Heybourne has dubbed the girl, who was spared a criminal record by being given a caution, as “an attention seeker”.

He said the girl, who has not been named, had clearly spent time orchestrating a bogus tale claiming she met her ‘attacker’ at shops in Northumberland Avenue before the rape.

The schoolgirl only told her mum it was all a lie after a 15-year-old, also from Whitley, was questioned and arrested.

The boy closely matched the description she gave of the ‘offender’ as black, aged 15 to 16, around 6ft tall, as well as some other details.

The boy’s Reading school was warned of his arrest and they were forced to consider if he was a danger to other pupils – now they have been told it was all a mistake and he is entirely innocent.

DS Heybourne said Reading Police’s Major Crime team were leading the investigation. He told getreading: “She reported to her school who told us that she was raped by a stranger.

“She is 14 and she did not realise the full implications of what she was doing. We decided a caution was the best approach because we did not want to take her through the courts and her end up with a criminal record.”

However, he said the girl’s crime was too serious just to ignore. She said: “It started at school and it came to us from there. I was called into investigate how it happened.”

DS Heybourne continued: “It’s a horrible event. He [the arrested boy] is of school age himself. When he got arrested she realised we were taking it seriously and it started to get a bit out of hand.

“From my point of view a lot of time has been spent investigating this incident. It is frustrating. It is difficult enough to prosecute a genuine rape claim where the victim is telling the truth.”