Saturday, June 27, 2009

The poster child of false rape claims

One of my favorite false rape claim stories from the past year involves a woman named Deborah Davies. In fact, due to six little words Deborah uttered, she has my vote for Poster Child for false rape claim.

You see, Deborah is a living manifestation of the vacuity, the downright falsity of the feminist mantra that rape claims should not be viewed with suspicion because it deters some women from reporting rape.

According to the news story: When Deborah was "arrested for perverting the course of justice the 35-year-old brazenly said: 'That's why women don't report rape.' But having maintained her innocence during four interviews, she then admitted her lies when confronted with all the flaws in her story and claimed she did it because she 'wanted some attention.'"

Read it again. Savor it. Celebrate the irony. A false rape accuser is parroting the feminist mantra that when police question the veracity of a rape accuser and find it wanting, that deters real rape claimants from "coming forward."

Deborah is living proof that the mantra is typical gender feminist bullshit, concocted out of a loathing for approximately one-half the population of planet earth.

Deborah is living proof that the opposite of the mantra must be applied -- police must question the veracity of a women's complaint of rape, and that if they fail to consider the possibility that she may be intentionally lying, they aren't doing their job.

Deborah is living proof that when the mantra is applied in the real world, there is a real possibility that criminals, like Deborah, will get away with their crimes.

And actual rape victims should be outraged by the fact that people like Deborah arrogate unto themselves the mantle of victimhood -- a mantle that feminists insanely want to use to cover every woman who cries rape, instead of just every woman who actually is raped.

And therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the problem.