Thursday, June 25, 2009

Police deal with three false rape reports in one week

Not one, not 2, but 3 separate false rape reports in one week.

And there are those who say that false rape reports are a myth.

Even with three false reports, not a single name is published of the false accusers.

It appears that they were filed to:

1. Make a boyfriend feel guilty.
2. Keep family from finding out she had pawned jewelry.
3. Isn't stated, but based on the information, it was likely consensual, but alcohol played a part and she wasn't too clear on what happened.

Great reasons to make a claim that could land someone behind bars for years, if not the rest of his life. At some point, all women are going to have to accept the responsibility that goes with having equal rights. Until that time, most rape reports are going to be looked upon with a jaundiced eye by many people.

3 false rape reports in one week.

Three young women have been charged with reporting false sex attacks in three separate cases in the city of Malaga.

In the first incident, a 20-year-old woman reported an attack to the police on May 8th. According to her statement, she had been walking home in the early hours of the morning when three men forced her into a car and assaulted her. After the police had started an investigation, the alleged victim admitted that she had made the story up because her boyfriend had refused to accompany her home.

The second false report was made in the city centre five days later when a young woman told police that she had been jumped by two black men as she walked along the street. She claimed that her attackers had forced her into an empty house, tied her up and raped her at knifepoint before stealing her jewellery and making off. Once at the police station, officers discovered that the whole story had been invented and that the woman had in fact pawned her jewellery because she needed money, but didn't want her family to find out.

Last Saturday another young woman reported a sexual assault in the city and told police that she had met a man in his forties in a pub, who offered to take her home. He apparently took her to the Montes de Malaga area and assaulted her. She was later found by a cyclist in a dressing robe and apparently in a "state of shock", but once the police began an investigation, they discovered that the events had not occurred exactly as the victim had described them.