Monday, June 22, 2009

Maid lodges false case of rape, theft

To cover up a theft, and a pregnancy that likely would be frowned upon, this young woman falsely claimed rape. And she was only let off with a reprimand.

False accusation of rape to cover theft.

PUNE: An 18-year-old girl from Manipur was detained and later let off with a reprimand after she registered a false case of rape and theft.

The girl, who was four months pregnant and was working as a maid servant at the residence of a software engineer in Fatima Nagar, was asked to go after she tendered an apology to the police.

The family had appointed the girl last month for taking care of their infant child. Inspector Vishwas Bendhbar of the Wanowrie police station said, "The girl telephoned the couple's sister in-law to inform her that two people had raped her and had stolen two tolas of gold from the house while she was drying clothes in the balcony on May 26 at about 7.30 pm."

The family members rushed home and took the girl to the police station for registering a case of rape and theft. However, the police suspected the girl was lying since she did not appear perturbed. Besides there were no apparent marks of rape which heightened their suspicion.

The police questioned the security guard and neighbours, but all of them denied seeing any unknown person entering the building premises on the given day and time. "The girl was examined by a woman police constable in the presence of a woman family member, but no signs of rape were found," Bendhbar said.

She was later referred to the Sassoon general hospital for medical examination, but the doctor's report confirmed that the girl was not raped. However, they told the police that she was four months pregnant.

On questioning, the girl admitted her lie. She admitted of having an affair with a boy and said that she cooked up the story because she wanted to go back to Manipur with the boy and the stolen booty.

The police have recorded the girl's statement and recovered the ornaments from her. The ornaments were returned to the couple.

One of the family members told TOI that the girl will be handed over to her parents who are coming from Manipur on June 8.