Friday, June 12, 2009

Letterman is wrong, and so is Palin

There is no defense to Letterman's bad taste in this instance. But Palin is dead wrong to suggest that our society only laughs about statutory rape of girls. Our society generally treats rape of females -- statutory and otherwise -- with the somberness of a national epidemic. In contrast, our society treats the rape of boys and of male prisoners as a punchline.

Why the double-standard, Governor? How do you ignore the way we treat our sons? Could it be that you, like so many feminists, view sex as something done to females, and that girls somehow have far less free moral agency than boys? Perhaps boys "want" it more?

You're starting to sound as irrational as the shrieking gender feminist banshees who treated you worse than dog feces prior to the election, Governor. For your own political well-being, do not join them in the tar pit of gender victimization.