Monday, June 15, 2009

Letter in today's Evening Telegraph and Post

No support for false rape claim victims

I read the article on closing loopholes relating to rape cases to ensure a higher rate of convictions, which I totally agree with.

However, MSP Joe FitzPatrick quotes, “We must all so everything in our power to ensure that every victim gets justice and every offender is punished with the full rigour of the law.”

I assume that Mr FitzPatrick can confirm that this no-nonsense approach also applies in the case of false allegations of rape where, indeed, it is the person being accused of the assault, who is actually the victim in these circumstances.

I can think of nothing more humiliating for a man falsely accused of this crime going through the stress of arrest and the cells, interrogated for hours, stripped down and medically examined in detail in the presence of police officers and being named in the press, even before it’s decided that a case goes to court, never mind a verdict where the accusations are a complete fabrication.

Where are all the support groups in these situations? From personal experience of going through this horrific situation, on contacting rape groups for support after being falsely accused, they didn’t even have the decency to respond to my concerns. — Not Guilty.