Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Arthur woman, Jenny Thibodeaux, booked for filing false reports

Two false reports. Looks like a serial false accuser, wanting some attention. She certainly got that, but I get the feeling it isn't quite what she expected. It will be interesting to see what kind of sentence she gets, if any.

Jenny Thibodeaux booked with filing false reports.

DA says rape, robbery complaints were made up

JENNINGS (AP) — A Lake Arthur woman has been booked with filing false police reports and theft after she admitted to making up separate rape and armed robbery claims.

District Attorney Michael Cassidy said Tuesday that formal charges will be filed against Jenny Thibodeaux.

Cassidy said the charges resulted from Thibodeaux alleged false complaint of a rape at the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Jennings last November and an alleged false complaint of armed robbery at the Dollar General store in Lake Arthur in January.

Thibodeaux will be arraigned on the charges July 13.

Cassidy said Thibodeaux claimed she was the victim of both crimes, causing law enforcement to investigate the cases for several months.