Monday, June 8, 2009

Girl is "cautioned" for rape lie that caused boy to be arrested

Comment: The news account below this comment contains just 62 words, but it tells us much about our culture that tolerates, and by tolerating, foments, false rape claims.

Another teenage girl told another rape lie about another hapless teenage boy. The boy, who is just 15, was arrested.

Now the police have determined -- by means nowhere described in the story (perhaps the girl recanted) -- that the girl lied.

Guess what her punishment is for having a peer -- who was unlikely enough to be born with a penis -- falsely arrested?

She was "cautioned" by police.

You read that right. "Cautioned." As in, "the next time you do this, you're really going to be sorry!"

We can only imagine the scars this incident has left on the boy. Is he able to sleep at night? Is he able to concentrate in school? How did the arrest affect his grades, and will that affect his ability to go to university? Will he ever be able to fully trust women as he matures into a man?

But, you see, none of that seems to matter.

Let us ask three questions:

(1) What would our reaction be to a 15-year-old boy who raped a girl and then was merely "cautioned"? We all know how that would go over.

(2) Who is to say that this boy did not experience trauma every bit as severe as, or even more severe than, a girl would experience who is actually raped?

(3) What does it tell us about our culture when we treat the victimization of our daughters far more seriously than the victimization of our sons?


Rape claim girl cautioned

A teenage girl has been given a police caution for wasting police time after falsely reporting a rape in Reading.

The girl had reported to police that she had been raped in the alleyway between Whitley Wood Road and Hilary Close, Whitley, on May 15.

A 15-year-old boy who was arrested in connection with the incident has now been released from bail.