Wednesday, June 10, 2009

False rape claim girl Louise Bain 'panicked'

Thankfully, Louise Bain admitted the false claim before things got out of hand. And once again, we see a false claim leveled to cover up bad behavior. Since the young man isn't named, 200 hours community service seems appropriate, and of course, she is named, so she will be known to others.

Louise Bain given 200 hours community service for false rape claim.

A WOMAN who falsely cried rape was sentenced to 200 hours community service at Inverness Sheriff Court this week.

Louise Bain (25) met a man she knew in Inverness and had consensual sexual conduct with him, before panicking and running away, the court heard.

Bain was afraid what would happen to her if her boyfriend found out she had been with another man, according to her defence solicitor John McColl.

She pled guilty to telling two police constables at Northern Constabulary medical suite in Dalneigh that she had been sexually assaulted and raped on September 16 last year by the man and caused officers to devote their time and effort into an investigation which she knew to be false.

The court heard that the police detained the falsely accused man and he was placed in a detention room before a lengthy taped interview took place.

Fiscal Sandy Collie explained that the man was then subjected to a full medical examination before being released.

He said that the man would have had a very worrying couple of weeks until September 29, when Bain, of Yuill Avenue, Buckie, retracted her statement.

Mr McColl explained the man who was falsely accused had acted in the proper manner and stopped sexual conduct when Bain indicated that she no longer wanted to go on.

He said that some of Bain's behaviour could be down to her past, but she accepted that this was a very serious charge and wished to make apologies to the man she falsely accused.

Sheriff Robert Fleetwood warned Bain he could have jailed her but deemed community service appropriate in this case.

He said: "By your behaviour, you rendered a completely innocent member of the public to a lengthy and humiliating process."