Friday, June 5, 2009

Comment left on this site sums up why we're here

As a woman & a former prosecutor, I would not have believed the rumored prevalency of false accusations had a lesser version not recently happened to my own adolescent son. The purported victim (a girl slightly older than my son) gave a report that was both uncorroborated and illogical -- the alleged unwanted contact occurred in a car where 4 other females (including 3 friends of the victim) were present, none of whom heard any protest from the "victim," and went unreported for over a month until the "victim's" boyfriend heard a rumor that she had been [messing] around w/ my son, at which time she told other friends that she would accuse my son of rape. Nevertheless, the investigating officer advised us from the outset that he believed the accuser, would assume that my son was lying unless he admitted "it" (although we weren't told what "it" was), and would prosecute him as a juvenile sexual offender. This without speaking to a single witness. My entire perspective on crimes of a sexual nature has been turned on its ear. It has become far too easy for an unstable woman seeking attention or retribution to destroy a man's life.