Monday, June 22, 2009

Chilling: man's fate rests on credibility of girl who had previously recanted another rape claim and waited two years to report this 'rape'

Read the story here: A man's liberty is in the hands of a 13-year-old girl who accused him of rape. The entire case rests on her testimony. Please note that she had previously recanted a rape claim against her own uncle, and in this case she failed to report the alleged incident for two years. The trial ended in a mistrial, which means the man can be prosecuted again.

And if she's a good little actress -- the man will go to prison for many, many years. She's certainly had experience crying "rape" in the past and might well be called an expert.

Let us be blunt: if you girls want to destroy the life of any man or a boy, just do what this girl did. Angry at your father? Did your brother make fun of you? Did your uncle slight you on your birthday? Just accuse them of rape. If it turns out you lied, you likely will be chided and nothing more. At the very least you will give them the scare of their life, probably cause them to be fired from their jobs and any number of other indignities.

The bottom line, ladies and gentlemen: the system is broken. For what other criminal allegation would we allow a grown man's fate to rest in the hands of a girl?