Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another rape lie that won't be punished because police don't want to send the wrong message

Typical, typical. Read the story, and then read my comments below it.

Sexual assault reported near Largo High was a false alarm

High school student not attacked, police say; Girl will not face face charges

by Liz Skalski Staff Writer

A 16-year-old female Largo High School student who said she was sexually assaulted Tuesday afternoon near the school was in fact not sexually assaulted, according to Prince George's County police.

Prince George's County police concluded their investigation into the alleged incident and concluded that the sexual assault did not occur.

Police determined the girl was lying but she will not face charges, said Capt. Mistinette Mints, a police spokeswoman.

Police encourage victims of sexual assaults and rapes to report the crime to police.

"Unfortunately, it does happen," Mints said of false reports. "We don't want to sent out the message — we're afraid that will hinder [victims] from coming forward in the future."

Police continue to urge women not use wooded paths as a short cut.

The student had told police she left the school in the 500 block of Largo Road of Upper Marlboro at about 3:45 p.m. and said she had been walking with a male friend on the path behind the school when she was approached by two teenage boys and assaulted.

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FALSE RAPE SOCIETY COMMENT: Infuriating: a teenage girl lied that she was raped by two boys. A crime, right? Of course it is. But she won't be charged, and the police spokeswoman quoted in the story goes out of her way to note that "we don't want to sent out the message — we're afraid that will hinder [victims] from coming forward in the future." And then -- incredibly -- she uses the occasion of the girl's lie not to warn women they shouldn't lie about rape but to engage in a little old-fashioned fear-mongering about an entirely different crime -- rape -- urging "women" not to use wooded paths as a shortcut. (Never mind that men are assaulted by strangers at least 150% the rate females are assaulted.) Did you get that? The police admit the rape claim was a lie, but they use that very lie to scare women about rape -- as if the lie had been true.

So thank you, madam -- you and your police force don't want to discourage rape victims from coming forward, but you don't a damn about the men and boys who have fallen and surely will fall prey to rape lies because police forces like yours enable liars by refusing to punish them. On behalf of all falsely accused men and boys, thank you.