Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another news report where police treat a false rape claim as an error in judgment, not a real crime

Comment: The story below this comment underscores a terrible truth that is hurtful to every man and boy who have ever been falsely accused of rape: false rape claims are an epidemic, and innocent men and boys are unnecessarily put at risk of wrongful arrest and conviction, for one reason: the crime isn't treated as a crime at all, much less a very serious crime that often destroys innocent lives. The crime is treated as an unfortunate error in judgment committed by women in need of counseling.

Need proof? Read the story below. "She has some serious issues," police said about the false accuser who said she'd been raped by a burglar in her own home. She was under "extreme pressure." She is seeking help in a hospital. Only after the incident has she come to understand the seriousness of her actions. She's ashamed, and she's trying to make it right. Oh, and the investigators won't even name the woman, who is called the "victim" at one point in the article -- the same as actual rape victims.

I have two comments:

First: This will strike some as terribly politically incorrect, but it is the truth: there are plenty of young men who commit so-called "date rape" and even stranger rape, who are also suffering from "serious issues" -- perhaps more serious, in many cases, than the woman in this story. Many of them are also under "extreme pressure" and don't understand the seriousness of what they are doing until it's too late. And, yes, after-the-fact, many of them are "ashamed" and would like to make their actions "right."

But the fact of the matter is, no one wants to hear it. False rape claims often cause greater harm than actual rape, but in contrast to false rape claims, rape is a crime for which no mercy, no compassion, no understanding whatsoever is shown. Men and boys convicted of rape are locked up for years and even decades. When they emerge from the animalistic cages to which we so happily confine them, they are forced to register as sex offenders forever, which sends many living under bridges and back to jail. They are freely named by police, and any reporter who would dare call one a "victim" likely would be fired on the spot. Members of the general public would sooner (a) castrate any man or boy even accused of rape, or (b) subject them to vigilante -- or better yet -- jailhouse "justice."

A prominent feminist website just this week justified vigilante "justice" exacted on an accused child rapist. The barbarism, the vileness, the hatefulness of these so-called liberals (when it comes to men only) is breathtaking. And, of course, we never hear these enlightened young women, who seem to have an almost-sexual fetish for wallowing in the tar pit of gender victimization, condemn any of their peers who destroy the lives of men and boys with their rape lies.

Second: Treating false accusers as if they are "victims," and treating false rape claims as if they were not at all serious, serves to trivialize actual rape, and rape victims ought to be outraged by it. As Alan Dershowitz has explained: “Rape is such a serious crime that deliberately bringing a false accusation of rape should be an equally serious crime and women are not being punished for those crimes. I believe that being falsely accused of rape is as traumatic as being raped.”


Woman's Rape Charge Proves False

(Ripley, MS 6/8/2009) A Tippah County woman could face jail time for crying rape when it never really happened.

The initial report put law officers in at least two counties on alert and ran up huge investigative bills, until the victim recanted.

Investigators won't identify the woman but they have a lot to say about the seriousness of the false claim.

The rape report, a few weeks ago, put every law officer in Tippah County, and a few from out out of town on the streets to look for suspects.

Crimestoppers offered a $6,000 reward.

Investigators had just one problem, the report was a lie.

"Just a classic case of the shepherd boy crying wolf. Everybody came to the rescue," said District Attorney Ben Creekmore.The attack was supposed to have happened in broad daylight in southwest Ripley.

The woman claimed to have walked in on two men burglarizing her house, and said one raped her.

Sources close to the case tell us the woman went to great lengths to make her story believable, right down to some physical evidence.

But investigators became concerned when the woman's very detailed description of events that day, became less detailed when it came to the alleged attack.

"Didn't take them any time at all to figure out this was a fabricated story and none of it actually happened," said Creekmore.

That left officers, asking why.

"I'm not at liberty to tell why she did this to anyone at this point in time. She has some serious issues." said her defense attorney, Tony Farese.

Farese added the woman is seeking help in a hospital.

We're told the woman had been under what she considered to be extreme pressure, and that since the incident she's come to understand the serious nature of her actions.

"Oh yes, she's aware of how much trouble law enforcement went to as well as her family and she's ashamed. She's sorry for what she did and she's trying to make it right as best she can." said Farese.

Prosecutors could charge the woman with a felony for making the false report and manipulating evidence, punishable by 10 years in prison.

They say there's an important lesson here,

"Not to cry wolf, because in the end, the wolf will get ya," said Creekmore.

The woman has agreed, as part of a proposed plea deal, to seek psychological help and to pay back the law agencies who helped look for her alleged attackers, a bill that totals nearly $6,000.

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