Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another example of how false rape claims can destroy lives

Last year, we reported that Richard Peacock was jailed for more than 17 hours on the basis of nothing more than the rape lie of Tracey Winfield. His marriage was destroyed. He contemplated suicide. And his reputation was shattered. Apparently Mr. Peacock was having an affair with his false accuser. Ms. Winfield served four months in jail.

The story gets worse: upon Ms. Winfield's release she re-initiated the relationship with her victim. For reasons nowhere explained in the news account, we went along with that. But it didn't go well, for either one of them. Just weeks after her release, Mr. Peacock flipped and stabbed her 30 times. She survived the attack, but now he'll spend four years in prison. Oh, and she's still in love with him.

We don't know what prompted the attack. Unlike news reports covering false rape claims, the triggering event for Mr. Peacock's criminal act isn't specifically noted. It certainly is not a stretch to assume it was somehow related to the false rape claim. If so, it is just another example of how such claims can destroy lives.

Man jailed for at least four years over 'frenzied' stabbing

Published Date: 19 June 2009

Friday, 4.15pm - A MAN who stabbed his partner 30 times just weeks after she was released from jail for making a false rape complaint against him has been jailed for at least four years.

Richard Peacock, 29, carried out the "frenzied" knife attack after getting back together with long term girlfriend Tracey Winfield.

Miss Winfield, 21, persuaded Peacock to resume their volatile relationship after serving a four-month sentence for the false rape allegation, Lincoln Crown Court heard.

But within weeks Peacock flipped and attacked Miss Winfield with two kitchen knives after a row at her home in Grantham.

Yet despite her horrific injuries Miss Winfield continued to write to Peacock while he was on remand in prison and spoke of her "love" for him in a television interview.

Winfield was jailed in July 2008 after accusing Peacock and one of his friends of rape.

The pair, both innocent, were forced to undergo medical examinations and give intimate samples before being released on bail.

The investigation was closed only when Miss Winfield confessed the incident never took place.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, prosecuting, told the court Peacock began his attack on Miss Winfield in the kitchen after pulling a vegetable knife out of his trousers.

"He ran at her, cornered her and started to stab her to the chest and abdomen," Mr Cranmer-Brown said.

"She had cuts to her hands and arms as she tried to defend herself. Suddenly the frenzied attack came to a halt."

The court heard Peacock offered Miss Winfield some towels but then resumed his attack with a steak knife after she retreated to her bedroom.

During the second attack Peacock told Miss Winfield: "I've got to finish you off."

Mr Cranmer-Brown said: "She was begging him for three hours to get her an ambulance, but he wouldn't."

Peacock eventually relented and Miss Winfield was taken to hospital where an examination revealed 30 stab wounds, although some were superficial.

In a victim impact statement which was read to the court Miss Winfield said: "I thought he really going to end my life. I know Richard is in prison, but it doesn't stop me being scared of him."

Noel Philo, mitigating, told the court it was in fact Miss Winfield who re-initiated the relationship after her release from prison and she continued to write to Peacock while he was on remand for the knife attack.

Passing an indeterminate sentence for public protection Judge Michael Heath told Peacock he had considered the background to the case, but he added: "You are in my judgement dangerous.

"This was a dreadful incident. She suffered 30 stab wounds. What makes it was worse is that she was begging for help and you refused."

Peacock, formerly of Hawthorn Court, Grantham, admitted wounding Miss Winfield with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm on 30 November.

He will have to serve four years imprisonment before he is considered for parole.