Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another class of persons at risk of being falsely accused of rape: males murdered by females

Need an excuse for killing a man or a boy? Just claim he tried to rape or otherwise abuse you. On this website we've seen women and girls trot out the rape canard as an excuse for almost anything. While the stigma of a false rape claim is a terrible thing for living males, when a man's murderer also falsely accuses him of rape, he doesn't even have an opportunity to defend against the charge. The murderer takes not only his life but his good name. His children, his family, his friends will forever think him a rapist who "got" what he deserved. Whatever good he did in life -- even if he were saintly -- would be all but wiped away by a lie that he can't refute.

In the case described below, the police saw through the lie. The man's murderer won't be able to forever tarnish his name with a rape lie.

Update: Male suspects in Forest Park murder turn out to be female

By Melina Ann Collison

St. Louis – Willard Bryant Payne’s body was found earlier this month in Forest Park. He was wearing nothing but tennis shoes and a pair of white shorts. Two suspects were later taken into custody.

The first reports are that these suspects were male. Upon police identification of the two it is now realized the suspected killers are female.

Mellonie Jones, 20, and Dawn Fulks, 25, were arrested June 16 in connection to the death of Payne. Payne’s death was found to be caused by a blunt force trauma to his head as reported by police.

In the beginning the women told police that Payne tried to forcibly rape one of the females. After further investigation the evidence did not corroborate the women’s claims.

Fulks, who lives in North St. Louis, was already on probation for felony abuse of a child. She was sentenced March 2009 for a abusing a child in June 2008. Fulks is serving 5 years probation for her crime. Jones has no known criminal record in St. Louis.

Police are stating that Payne, Fulks, and Jones were smoking marijuana together in Forest Park when Payne attempted to flirt with one of the women. The female rejected his advances and the other female started hitting him. Both females then chased Payne and proceeded to beat him to death before fleeing the scene.

Both Fulks and Jones are being held in jail without bond. They face charges of filing a false police report, armed criminal action, and first degree murder from the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office.