Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Town experiences second false rape claim in three weeks; false accuser not yet charged and retains her anonymity in the press

This time it was a Michigan Tech student. She is not named in the news story, for reasons that are beyond my understanding. If a male classmate had raped someone, you can bet he'd be named. And the prosecutor is "reviewing" the case to decide if charges will be brought. What's to review? She committed a crime. It is hesitation in charging such criminality that emboldens young women to concoct rape lies. And what if innocent males had been targeted and questioned or even arrested because of her lie? We don't know if any were, but if so, the hesitation in charging her would be especially egregious.


The woman who reported the assault has told police it did not happen

HOUGHTON -- Police say the alleged sexual assault that took place on the Michigan Tech campus last month was false.

After a three week investigation, the woman who said she was sexually assaulted March 23 in the library parking lot has told police the assault did not take place.

The woman is a Michigan Tech student.

The Houghton County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the case to determine if charges will be filed against the student.

This is the second false rape report in Houghton in the past three weeks.