Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The outrage we experience when we read these stories is widely shared by the general public

Comment: The news story below this comment tells yet another tale of yet another rape lie told to cover up yet another woman's misconduct from a loved one. (After all, why tell the truth when a rape lie will suffice?)

For anyone who thinks that what we do here on this website is controversial, you are dead wrong. The comments printed under every false rape story in every newspaper that allows comments are overwhelming in their condemnation for false rape accusers, and they typically say the same things -- no wonder rape victims aren't believed; she should be severely punished, men should retain anonymity until conviction, etc. Here are some of the comments under the story in question, followed by the actual story:

What a pathetic piece of shyt she is. This is precisely why some folks question the truthfulness of true rape victims.

WOW !, .... it's Women like this that give a Woman a bad name !

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor John Kosko should read this story and learn from it, according to him a woman would never lie about being raped, why would she. He would save the city money, the accused his life savings and his repuration just to mention a few heartaches that is caused when a woman lies and accuses someone of rape.

As a woman (a potential rape victim) they should make it a felony when a person falsely accuses some one of rape. If you are truly a rape victim you have nothing to worry about BUT if you are a liar it might make you think twice about filing a false report. These types of reports will only make it harder for woman to be believed and justice served.

This hits home. I personally know someone who spent Christmas eve, Christmas night and the next three days in jail because some b*tch accused him of rape. There was no evidence, just her word. She finnally came forward and admitted she lied. NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER!!!!!!!!!!

This guy spent 5 days in jail for nothing.

This is why I think that no matter what the crime is, if you have not been found guilty, your name should be witheld from the news. It is too easy for a woman to lie and ruin a mans life.

Having said that, I believe rape to be the most horrible crime. Murder is bad, but, rape is just as horrible in my opinion. If you rape someone you need to spend the rest of your life in prison!!

And woman wonder why no one believes them when they say they where raped. I feel for woman that really are raped but woman like this make it hard for real rape victimns to get justice. They should send her to jail for the same amount of time as the "rapist" would have received. This is what happens when a cheating girl friend gets busted and makes up a cover story.

All it takes is an allegation to ruin a mans life. This chic should get the maximum sentence allowed.

This girl should be sentenced and also required to face REAL rape victims and ask them what it's like.

I totally agree, in a she said he said situation all parties should be protected from the media. Even an alleged jump out from behind the bushes rapist should be protected until found guilty.

Funny how when the story first breaks its in the news paper and on tv and then that's it, UNLESS a guilty verdict comes back. If the accused is found not guilty you never hear anything about it. The audience and readers are left to believe the first report.

BTW, I'd like to add that a woman making false rape charges against a man is committing an offense against the man that is - morally - up there with attempted murder. Because she's trying to destroy his whole life and have him sent away to prison for a very long time.


On behalf of all rape victims, including the victims of rapes that haven't happened yet, thank you just no end, Jessica Smith. The next time a woman is raped--really raped--and reports it, she'll find it that much harder to be taken seriously because this tramp made up a story. Think of all the time Det. Canterbury and his colleagues spent investigating a false story when they could have been solving real crimes. Smith should be charged as an accessory in all the crimes that happened while Canterbury & Co. were too busy chasing their tails on her non-case to do the serious work they''re paid for. However long she spends in prison (and I hope whoever hears her case has his or her head on straight), it won't be nearly enough to atone for this.


Woman charged with making false report of rape, abduction

Posted by Michael Sangiacomo/Plain Dealer Reporter May 01, 2009 09:39AM
Categories: Breaking News, Crime

NORTON — Police arrested a 32-year-old woman they said made up a horrifying story of abduction and rape.

Jessica Smith of Doylestown in Wayne County told Norton police that a man abducted her at gunpoint from a gas station on April 9, took her to Akron and raped her for four days before releasing her. But police said after spending many hours investigating the story, they determined it never happened.

Smith was arraigned Wednesday before Barberton Municipal Judge Greg Macko on one count of making false alarms. If convicted, she faces up to one year in prison.

Police spent about 100 hours investigating her claims before concluding the story was made up. They were called to the emergency room at Akron City Hospital on April 12.

"My partner and I were taken off the numerous cases we were working on and spent 100 hours on this," said Norton Detective John Canterbury. "She was every specific about the time and place of the abduction. We reviewed the surveillance video from the gas station, which has an excellent system, and she never appeared at the time she said she was there. Just in case she was mistaken about the day, we looked at two days' worth. She never appeared."

Canterbury said Smith let a man borrow her boyfriend's car while her boyfriend was out of town.

When the car was returned damaged, Canterbury said she concocted the story to cover it up.

Canterbury said when confronted, Smith admitted that she made up the abduction, but insists that the man who borrowed the car raped her in Akron. Canterbury said she had not reported the rape to Akron.

Link: http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2009/05/woman_charged_with_making_up_a.html