Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jessica Smith charged with making false report of rape, abduction

NORTON — Police arrested a 32-year-old woman they said made up a horrifying story of abduction and rape.

Jessica Smith of Doylestown in Wayne County told Norton police that a man abducted her at gunpoint from a gas station on April 9, took her to Akron and raped her for four days before releasing her. But police said after spending many hours investigating the story, they determined it never happened.

Smith was arraigned Wednesday before Barberton Municipal Judge Greg Macko on one count of making false alarms. If convicted, she faces up to one year in prison.

Police spent about 100 hours investigating her claims before concluding the story was made up. They were called to the emergency room at Akron City Hospital on April 12.

"My partner and I were taken off the numerous cases we were working on and spent 100 hours on this," said Norton Detective John Canterbury. "She was very specific about the time and place of the abduction. We reviewed the surveillance video from the gas station, which has an excellent system, and she never appeared at the time she said she was there. Just in case she was mistaken about the day, we looked at two days' worth. She never appeared."

Canterbury said Smith let a man borrow her boyfriend's car while her boyfriend was out of town. When the car was returned damaged, Canterbury said she concocted the story to cover it up.

Canterbury said when confronted, Smith admitted that she made up the abduction, but insists that the man who borrowed the car raped her in Akron. Canterbury said she had not reported the rape to Akron.

Her attorney, Charles Olminsky, declined to comment on the case.

Woman charged with making false report of rape, abduction