Friday, May 8, 2009

Jacquelyn Harrison given probation for false rape claim

Another senseless rape lie. The false accuser fits the usual profile -- young woman. Her motive is unknown, and she was not given any jail time for her crime. How will rape lies be deterred if young women know that they won't be punished? Even rape lies that do not target a specific male often end up targeting a specific male -- police nab men or boys who match the description of imaginary rapists. These innocent men are often detained and put through humiliating testing and questioning; some are jailed for days, weeks or even months, and some are even convicted. These supposedly innocent rape lies that don't target specific men or boys need to be punished -- to prevent that from happening.


False rape claim draws fine

Butler County woman has been fined and sentenced to probation for making a false rape report. Jacquelyn Harrison, 23, of College Corner recently pleaded guilty to making a false alarm.

Acting Judge Dwight Packard found her guilty in Butler County Area I, Oxford. Half of her $1,000 fine and all 180 days of her jail sentence were suspended, and she was placed on two years of probation, said Oxford Township Police Chief Michael Goins.

Harrison had faced up to six months in jail after last month's incident. Harrison had reported to police that she was forced into a black vehicle while walking along U.S. 27 near College Corner.

She said a man took her to a field where he forced her to take drugs, repeatedly raped her and robbed her before returning her to the U.S. 27 area.

Police later learned the incident never happened. They did not say what may have motivated Harrison to make the false report.