Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camera disproves girl's rape claim

Once again, in the news story below, a camera shows that a girl lied about being raped. Thank goodness for modern technology! What did innocent men do without it?

Police: Teen charged after false rape claim


A fourteen-year-old girl has been charged with falsely reporting an incident after she made up a claim that she had been sexually attacked in a school bathroom.

Yesterday, the girl reported that on Wednesday she had been attacked by an older male wearing a ski mask while she was in a bathroom at Little Falls High School.

The Little Falls Police Department and school officials conducted an investigation and determined that the incident did not occur.

Footage from the school camera system led them to question the girl’s claim. The girl was interviewed again and admitted to lying about the incident.

She has been issued an appearance ticket and will appear in Herkimer County Probation Court for additional action.