Friday, May 1, 2009

Amanda Chatterton Miller-Tryan charged with filing false rape report

Can anyone expect that someone accused of rape would be free on a $1,000 Personal Recognizance bond? And note there was over a year of investigation on this. I certainly hope she has to pay back the costs of the investigation. What is interesting is the lack of information on why this has been deemed false.

$1K Personal Recognizance Bond for false rape accuser.

ESCANABA - A Gladstone woman who told police more than a year ago that she was kidnapped, beaten and raped has been charged with four counts of filing a false report of a felony, according to court records.

Last year, Amanda Chatterton Miller-Tryan, 613 Delta Ave., told police she was violently sexually assaulted on Feb. 26 in Brampton Township. Following a year of investigation, held up because of a lengthy wait for DNA analysis, a warrant for her arrest was authorized last month.

Tryan's preliminary examination was scheduled for today in Delta County District Court but her attorney waived the hearing, binding the case over to circuit court.

Tryan, 27, is charged with four felony counts, each carrying a punishment of four years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

She is charged with filing false police reports of the following felonies: criminal sexual conduct first and/or third degree; kidnapping; assault with intent to commit sexual penetration; and attempted sodomy.

State Police from the Gladstone Post were first alerted of the alleged assault by employees from OSF St. Francis Hospital where

Tryan was being treated for injuries in the emergency room, early in the morning of Feb. 27, 2008.

"When troopers arrived, she reported she was kidnapped, violently assaulted, sexually assaulted multiple times and held against her will," said State Police Det. Sgt. Greg Cunningham on Wednesday.

While interviewing Tryan, police did see visible signs of injuries that were not life-threatening, Cunningham said. DNA evidence of the sexual assault was obtained.

For 10 hours, a sketch of the alleged perpetrator was created.

For the first 48 hours, police from several area agencies searched for the suspect around the clock, looking in local bars, restaurants, hotels and motels, Cunningham said.

Tryan also reported to troopers the man had called her two days after the assault and threatened to kill her if she reported anything to police, he added. The call was later traced to a pay phone near Sav Mor Grocery Store in Escanaba.

"After several days of investigation, it was clear the report appeared to be fraudulent," Cunningham said. The alleged victim later confessed she filed a false police report, he said.

Since then, police have been waiting on the analysis of the DNA evidence before any arrests could be made, Cunningham explained.

The DNA results took so long, in part, due to the economy and the closing of the state crime lab in Detroit, the detective said. Also, because of a recent change in the law, all felons convicted are now required to undergo DNA analysis, further backloading DNA testing demands, he said. The testing for Tryan's case ended up being performed at a private lab, he added.

"Lab results of the evidence from the sexual assault...clearly indicated the assault did not happen as reported," Cunningham said.

Delta County Prosecutor Steve Parks authorized a warrant for Tryan's arrest on March 17.

After police attempted to locate her, she turned herself in to authorities on March 31. She has been released from police custody on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond.

Investigation continues and could possibly include additional arrests, Cunningham said.

Agencies assisting in the initial manhunt included Escanaba Public Safety, Gladstone Public Safety, Delta County Sheriff's Department, and the Department of Natural Resources.

Detectives from state police posts in Negaunee and Iron Mountain also assisted in the investigation.