Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yvonna Ann McDonald Claims Rape; Arrested For Filing False Report

Can anyone imagine if a man had been arrested for this, that he would have been released on a $500 bond? Again, it will be interesting to see if she receives any jail time for the false report.

Yvonna Ann McDonald arrested; bond set at $500

DECATUR - Police have arrested a Moulton woman and charged her with making a false police report.

Officers say Yvonna Ann McDonald, 25, waved down an Alabama State Trooper on April 4 at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and East Moulton Street in Decatur.

The trooper called Decatur Police, and McDonald filed a report with them claiming she was raped.

McDonald was transported to Decatur General, where a sexual abuse nurse checked her for signs of rape.

The Decatur Police Violent Crimes Unit then began an investigation, that later revealed no rape had occured.

Officers arrested McDonald later that morning.