Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two boys cleared of false rape claims; no false reporting charges to be filed, and newsaper still calls complainant a 'victim'

Comment: This case epitomizes our current false rape epidemic, and the treatment of false rape victims as flotsam, necessary collateral damage in the war on rape. Two boys were arrested on rape charges last November, based solely on the word of a teenage girl. The charges were finally dropped because the physical evidence -- the objectively verifiable physical evidence -- were not consistent with the original statements about the alleged rape from, presumably, the girl and her father.

Despite the obvious anguish this lie caused two boys, the district attorney announced, without furnishing a reason, that he is not bringing charges. If, indeed, the girl lied, then she committed a crime. Why are no charges being brought?

In addition, the newspaper refuses still to print the name of the girl because it says she is a "victim."

Come again?

There are two victims in this case -- the two boys. The girl is not a "victim," and, in fact, she should be charged with a crime, and her name should be splashed all over the news, just as the boys' names were.

It is cases like this that compel the need for this website.


Teenagers cleared of all charges in rape case

Two Greeley teenage boys have been cleared of all charges of rape and sexual assault stemming from an accusation against them five months ago.

The boys, Alex Diaz and Damen Cantrell, both 18, were arrested last November after a 16-year-old girl accused them of raping her. She told police the boys took her to one of their homes after she’d been drinking at a party. She claimed they raped her, and someone may have taken a video tape of the incident. No tape has been found.

The names of sexual assault victims are not released to the media.

Weld District Attorney Ken Buck said Friday “Physical evidence that came back in the case did not match the statements that were originally received. We dismissed the bonds in the cases and dismissed the case against both teens.”

Defense attorney Todd Taylor, representing Diaz, praised Buck and his office for dropping the charges.

“We’re very relieved and thankful that the right decision was made in this case,” Taylor said. “I have a lot of respect for Ken Buck for making this decision.”

Despite the dropping of charges, Buck also said they were not contemplating filing any false reporting or any other charges against the victim.

Neither Cantrell nor his attorney, Pamela Mackey of Denver, were available for comment Friday.

In the past few months, both teens had been out of jail on $50,000 bond.

In the initial police report, the girl said she had a fight with a boyfriend earlier in the evening, then ran into the two suspects, whom she’d previously known.

The boys took her to one of their homes, and they sneaked in through a basement window. She told police she was raped in a basement bedroom, and afterward they took her back to the party.

At the party, the girl said she told her boyfriend about the attack, and he took her home to her father, who reported the incident to police.