Saturday, April 4, 2009

Threat of false rape claim is last straw, prompts man to commit suicide

Comment: In the news story below, a woman repeatedly harassed a man for money, culminating in a threat to falsely accuse the man of rape. The man committed suicide. No further commentary can do this tragedy justice.

`Harassed' over money, man ends life

MUMBAI: A 35-year-old man committed suicide on Sunday evening at his Mulund residence after he was allegedly harassed by a woman moneylender. His
wife and two kids were away at a relative's house when the incident occurred.

The man, identified as Manoj Nainar, hanged himself from the ceiling of his residence. His wife Bindiya returned home around 7.30 pm and saw the body hanging from the ceiling.

Police said they found a suicide note from Manoj's pockets; it mentioned that he was taking the extreme step because of repeated harassment at the hands of moneylender Jayshree Palande.

Nainar, who was an autorickshaw driver in 2004, took a loan of Rs 25,000 from Palande. "He paid Rs 600 daily till 2007 but then Palande forcibly took away his autorickshaw and sold it. My brother asked her to give him the balance after selling his auto but Palande, claiming he still owed her money, refused to repay the loan,'' said Manoj's sister, Nalini Pillai.

Pillai had told her brother to lodge a police complaint but he said Palande had got good contacts in the force and could bump him off.

Bindiya said that after Palande took away the autorickshaw, her husband started working in a Mulund garage.

"But Palande repeatedly visited our home and harassed my husband,'' she added.

"She came here last Sunday and threatened to lodge a false rape case if he did not clear the `dues','' Bindiya claimed.

She added that her husband had maintained a diary in which he noted down the date and time of each payment made to Palande.

"I was not there on Sunday morning when neighbours said they heard some noise coming from our house. But they didn't check, thinking we were having a fight,'' she said.

"I would go to my relative's place after dropping the kids off to school, pick them up in the afternoon, leave them at their tutor's and then go back to my relative's place before returning home after 7.30 pm,'' Bindiya said.

A Mulund police station officer confirmed the suicide and said investigations were on to find out the exact cause. "We have recovered a note from Manoj's pocket and it mentioned a woman's name. The note also mentioned he took the extreme step because of the harassment he faced at her hands,'' he added.