Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sexual assault counselor urges us to believe rape claims because 'victims' rarely lie about sexual assault

Comment: Below this comment is an excerpt of a letter to the editor from a sexual assault counselor named Jim Huenink found in the Daily Herald, suburban Chicago, that is typical of the battle we face. The battle is being waged by the sexual assault cottage industry and radical feminism.

Mr. Jim Huenink makes three astounding statements here:

First, that we are supposed to automatically believe any rape claim. The problem with this is that when we automatically believe a woman's claim that she was raped, by necessity we automatically brand some male, named or unnamed, a rapist. And this is fair . . . exactly how? We have frequently made this point: everyone agrees that people of both genders lie about everything under the sun for all manner of reasons, good, bad and indifferent -- except, according to sexual assault counselors, when it comes to rape. In that singular instance, mirabile dictu, one gender is incapable of telling a lie while the other is incapable of telling anything but lies. The very discussion of rape becomes a sort of truth serum for women, a magic elixir that forces anyone not possessing a Y-chromosome to utter incontrovertible fact. Is this in any sense plausible to a fair-minded person? The question scarcely survives its statement.

Second, that "[v]ictims rarely lie about rape." Where to begin with this one? For starters, he's wrong -- "victims" never lie about rape. Those who lie are not "victims." But more to the point, every serious, unbiased study ever conducted about false rape claims -- every single one -- shows that they are a serious problem. See, e.g., our recent article posted on Glenn Sacks' blog I invite Mr. Jim Huenink to spend a few days reading this blog before he makes such outlandish comments again.

Third, men must challenge sexist comments that degrade women. OK, I'm all for that. But aren't we talking about rape here? Or is Mr. Jim Huenink suggesting that there is a link between comments and rape? Exactly what is the evidence for that, aside from the fact that it is pulled directly from the radical feminist playbook? Or is Mr. Jim Huenink lumping all "offensive" male conduct against women on a rape continuum and suggesting that it all must be eradicated? Again, I'm all for eradicating sexist comments, regardless of the gender of the commentator, but where is the evidence that this conduct has any correlation with rape? I am also opposed to porn but that has been shown to have no correlation to rape -- in fact, as porn use rises, rape incidents fall.


April is sex assault awareness month: Letter to the Editor

. . . .What can we do? Here are some suggestions.

Sexual assault is, among many things, a betrayal of trust. So if a victim discloses to you, believe him or her. Victims rarely lie about sexual assault. The moment of disclosure can potentially be a moment of healing if the victim is believed.

For men? Challenge sexist comments that degrade women.
. . . .

Jim Huenink
Executive Director
Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault (Northwest CASA)
Arlington Heights