Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rape liar to be charged for causing an innocent man to be arrested

Comment: Another case that illustrates a point we frequently make: for what other alleged crime can a woman have an innocent man arrested based on nothing more than her say so? The fact of the matter is, police need no evidence aside from the lie to deprive a man of his liberty, and it happens with alarming frequency. Given the prevalence of false rape claims, there is something very wrong with a system that allows that.

Rape lies land woman in hot water

A 30-year-old woman was arrested in Reiger Park, east of Johannesburg for lying about being raped, police said on Sunday.

The woman allegedly told police she was walking to Reiger Park from a tavern in the Ramaphosa informal settlement when two men raped her in an open veld on Sunday morning, said Constable Tsietsi Lamola.

She later changed her tune, saying the men had only robbed her of her cellphone.

"She said three men grabbed her and demanded a cellphone. Afterwards, two of the men took turns raping her while the third tried to stop them from doing so," he said.

The woman also told police that after the alleged rape, men in a VW Golf stopped for her and drove her to the Reiger Park police station where a charge of rape was laid at 1am.

"Police then drove with her to the scene of the crime where her underwear and shoes were found. They then drove along the Archie Jonas Street towards Ramaphosa where a group of people was seen leaving a tavern. The woman pointed [out] one of them as one of her rapists," said Lamola.

The 26-year-old man was arrested and detained at the Reiger Park police station.

Several hours later, police went to the woman's house "to take her to a doctor for a medical check-up".

"But on arrival, she told them she had never been raped, only robbed of her cellphone."

Police arrested her for perjury and released the man they had arrested.

The woman was expected to appear in the Boksburg Magistrate's Court on charges of perjury on Monday.

"We appeal to the community not go give false information, otherwise they will be prosecuted," said Lamola. - Sapa