Thursday, April 30, 2009

Orange County woman lied that she was raped along a jogging trail, police say

Comment: If you ever look at the readers comments connected with a news report of a false rape claim, you will notice that most of them are angry, and most want the false accuser to be punished -- both men and women. Many seem to understand the issues surrounding false rape claims -- the fact that false rape claims do immeasurable damage to the credibility of actual rape victims; the fact that they are common; the issues regarding anonymity; the scare-factor for men who realize consent can easily be lied about, and so on. Here are a few examples of comments on the news story below (which is a garden variety false rape claim -- a young woman claimed for reasons known only to her that she was raped; fortunately no innocent man was snared by her lie):

"The pendulum has definitely swung too far the other way when it comes to taking women at face value. I've come across a good many (like this one), who are absolutely despicable with their lies and manipulation. Further - this is an affront to actual rape survivors - how horrible!I hope they throw the book at her, and that it hits her in her crotch - the lying wh*re!!"

Or this one:

"This woman is very sick! How dare she make a story like this up for whatever reasons. I can't help but be outraged by her own personal reason when there's real rape survivors out there that know this is nothing to make stories up about."

Or this one:

"Nice. So some psychopathic women will falsely report rape in order to provide the whack with an alibi for some type of other twisted behavior. Ok fine if we want to play like this I am now taping all activites I participate in. Consent forms will be mandatory."

Or this one:

"ok, since the rape report was false why can't we find out her identity? After all, it has been determined that she wasn't a sex crime victim, right? So why keep her identity undisclosed? Isn't reporting a rape to the police that never happened some sort of violation?"

Or this one:

"The sad (very sad) truth is that most claims of sexual assault/rape by adult women are anywhere from totally false to mostly false. It takes valuable time and resources away from those genuine cases that need to be investigated. Of course, no one will ever talk about this publicly because it is VERY un-politically correct."

Report of rape along jogging trail found to be false

Authorities said a report made by a 20-year-old woman along a jogging trail was found to be false today.


The Orange County Register

A report about a rape along a jogging trail in an unincorporated part of Santa Ana was found to be false today after investigators interviewed the alleged victim for the third time, authorities said.

Authorities with the Orange County Sheriff's Department were preparing to release a sketch today of a suspect described by the woman to investigators. But during the third interview of the woman today, investigators found that the report had been falsified, said Jim Amormino spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

"She made it up," he said.

The 20-year-old woman first came forward to investigators with the sheriff's department Monday, describing a rape that had allegedly occurred on a trail along Esplanade Avenue, said Amormino.

The woman said she was forced into a black SUV by a man who drove her a short distance from the trail, then threw her on the ground and raped her. The woman also described details of the car, including a chocolate interior and a purple rosary.

Authorities said the woman also said that the man threatened to kill her and her family if she reported the crime to police.

But the story ended up being bogus, Amormino said.

Initially, the case bore some similarities to a rape that had occurred in Fullerton on April 20, and investigators had begun looking at a possible link before the two incidents, Amormino said.

"Right now, we don't know why she did it," Amormino said.