Monday, April 6, 2009

NOW says it wants 'all' crimes against women declared 'hate crimes'

It is futile to try to furnish an adequate introduction for this post so I will just say it: NOW's New York chapter says that "all crimes against women must be regarded as hate crimes . . .."

You read that right. All crimes.

It goes on: "When a police officer is called to the scene of a violent assault against a woman by her husband/partner or stranger, the officer should arrest the perpetrator for a 'hate crime.'" See here.

Try to understand the implications: if a gunman (or gunwoman) goes on a rampage at the mall and kills 15 men and boys and five women, the killer will receive enhanced sentencing for the crimes inflicted on five of the victims -- only the crimes against the women.

Women's lives are worth more than men's because women historically have been oppressed by men, NOW believes.

This is quite possibly the most inane idea that this organization has ever concocted, which is saying a lot.

Never mind that innocent men are victims of violent assaults by strangers twice as frequently as innocent women, that possibly more men are raped than women (because of prison rape), or that women initiate domestic violence against men with far greater frequency than the domestic violence cottage industry will ever admit.

You see, none of that matters to NOW. NOW is not after gender equity. NOW is nothing more than a lobby for certain women (not all women, by any stretch of the imagination), and its agenda is simple: it wants nothing less than a legislative articulation that women are perpetual victims of subjugation by males -- even though they are not -- and, therefore, women are automatically entitled to special advantages over men.

Never mind that the facts don't support this inane, thoroughly un-nuanced and factually incorrect world view.

NOW is, of course, trivializing the meaning of "hate crime" for its own political expediency. Its attempt to expand the definition of "hate" crime to fit whatever crime against whatever female for whatever motive is an affront to the blacks, gays, young men like the Duke lacrosse guys and and other minorities who actually have been targeted for crimes because of the class to which they belong. NOW doesn't care if women are being criminally attacked because they are women; to NOW, any criminal attack on a woman is enough to show that the crime was motivated by a hatred for women.

There is a legal word for this kind of thinking: horseshit.

But NOW has given us an idea: while rape victims are both male and female, the vast majority of false rape victims are male. If there is one gender crime that ought to classified as gender "hate" crime, it's false rape claims. And if NOW's attempt gains traction, we need to strongly assert our entitlement to such legislation on behalf of all falsely accused men and boys.

Christina Hoff Sommers has addressed the wrong-headed notion that rape is a crime of gender bigotry: "To view rape as a crime of gender bias (encouraged by a patriarchy that looks with tolerance on the victimization of women) is perversely to miss its true nature. Rape is perpetrated by criminals, which is to say, it is perpetrated by people who are wont to gratify themselves in criminal ways and who care very little about the suffering they inflict on others."