Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Men as collateral damage: Teacher's life destroyed by teen who admitted lie, and possibly by the D.A. who put him on trial despite the admission

Comment: Innocent men are collateral damage in the war on rape, as we have said many times; this is all the more true when an allegation of sexual misconduct concerns a child.

This case is egregious. There was zero concern for the innocent man. None. The fact that his life was destroyed means nothing to anyone outside his family, it seems.

Read the story below -- it is shocking. A teacher's life was destroyed because a teenage girl lied that he had taken indecent liberties with her. The teenager admitted to the teacher's wife in an email that she made up the whole thing because she sought revenge against the wife for reporting that the girl intended to commit suicide. As we all know, a rape lie won't work against a woman; this vile tool only works on men, and it worked like a charm on the woman's innocent husband.

The teacher's attorney says he turned the email over to the District Attorney -- who nevertheless proceeded to put him on trial for indecency with a child! Perhaps there's more to the story that the D.A. hasn't revealed. All we know is what we read in this story.

The teacher lost his teaching job, and his child was taken from him. The jury saw through the lie and quickly acquitted him. But not before the accusation destroyed an innocent man's life.

The district attorney made this astounding comment: "We firmly believe these cases must be tried to a jury, and we will continue to be strong advocates for child victims."

Tried to a jury -- even after the child admitted her lie? Have you no duty whatsoever to be an advocate for innocent men falsely accused of this vile crime, sir? Men like this teacher whose life was ruined by a lie?

Shameful! Absolutely shameful!

The teacher's only crime in this case was being born male. Too often in our toxic false rape culture, that's sadly enough.

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Teacher cleared of indecency charge

Attorney says child confessed in e-mail, lied to authorities


Valley Morning Star

BROWNSVILLE - A former Harlingen High School teacher has been cleared by a jury of a charge of indecency with a child after the child confessed in an e-mail she lied to authorities, his attorney said.

Defense attorney Michael Young said his client, Andres Chavez Rodriguez, is relieved that a 404th state District Court jury on Wednesday found him innocent after deciding in less than an hour of deliberation the allegation against him was false.

Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos confirmed on Friday that Rodriguez was found to be innocent of the accusations.

Rodriguez was at first suspended by the Harlingen school district, then later forced to resign his teaching position, Young said.

"He would like to go back to work at Harlingen High School," Young said of Rodriguez.

The accusation destroyed Rodriguez's life, Young said.

"When he was arrested (in 2007), the Child Protective Service at first took his 2-year-old daughter out of his home," Young said.

Later, after investigating the accusation, CPS found the charges to be unfounded and returned the child to Rodriguez and his wife, Young said.

The couple and their daughter continue to live together as a family.

"The young teenage girl who accused Rodriguez later sent an e-mail to Rodriguez's wife, Leslie Rodriguez, admitting she had lied to get back at her for reporting her intention to commit suicide, Young said.

Even though he turned over a copy of the accuser's e-mailed confession to the DA's office before the trial, his client was put on trial anyway, Young said.

Villalobos issued a statement Friday that confirmed Young's account of what transpired in Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez's courtroom.

"The defendant, Andres Rodriguez, was acquitted of indecency with a child," the DA said.

"We respect the jury's decision. These types of cases are difficult due to the sensitive nature of the allegations and the age of the victim.

"We firmly believe these cases must be tried to a jury, and we will continue to be strong advocates for child victims," Villalobos said.

Harlingen school district officials did not immediately respond on Friday to a request for a comment.