Friday, March 20, 2009

Woman recants claim that she was raped multiple times

Comment: The news report below contains several elements common to many false rape claims: the accuser is young (most are in their teens or early 20s); the accuser's description of the assailant was detailed (the detail is intended to lend verisimilitude to the tale, and sometimes the details are frighteningly minute and believable); the police found holes in her story (most false rape claims are very quickly ruled out and we never hear about them -- there appear to be far more false rape claims than actual rapes); and when confronted with the facts, the young woman recanted.

Police identify woman charged with fake rape report

By Lauren Pack
Staff Writer
Friday, March 20, 2009

OXFORD TWP. — A 23-year-old woman has been charged with making false alarms after apparently making up a story that she was robbed and raped during the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 18, according to Oxford Twp. Police Chief Michael Goins.

Jacqulyn Harris of the 300 block of Main Street in College Corner, was cited for the first-degree misdemeanor charge on Thursday afternoon, Goins said. Her case will be heard in Area I Court in Oxford but a court date has not yet been set, according to Goins.

The woman told police she was raped several times in a field near College Corner. She said shortly after 1 a.m. a man armed with a revolver pulled up beside her and ordered her into his vehicle. He then drove to an unknown location and sexually assaulted the woman multiple times, the alleged victim told police.

Harris also gave a detailed description of the supposed attacker and the car he was allegedly driving.

After hours of investigation, police determined the incident was false, according to police.
Goins said they investigate all crime reported vigorously and seriously, but began receiving tips about Harris' story.

"There were holes in her story. Things didn't add up," the chief said.

After more investigation, detectives called Harris back in for a second interview.

"She admitted to making it up," Goins said.

The chief said Harris gave a reason for fabricating the story, but he declined to release that information.