Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some disingenuous bloggers contend that false rape claims get more attention than rape claims . . .

This is pathetic, inane caterwauling from the deepest bowels of victimization politics; it is posited, of course, without a shred of proof and is insulting to the countless falsely accused men whose names have been splashed all over the news -- their reputations destroyed -- based on nothing more than a lone woman's or girl's allegation that turns out to be not just unfounded but blatantly false.

This claim is, in short, a lie.

At the outset it is well to point out that at the heart of this claim is the preposterous suggestion that the prevalence of false rape claims are exaggerated. The fact is, study after study -- in fact, every serious study on the subject ever conducted -- shows false rape claims are a significant problem. See, e.g., my article in Glenn Sacks' site on this point from earlier this year.

Of course, why bother discussing facts when feelings of resentment play better to your devoted readers? Why talk objective reality when misplaced anger against males -- any male will do, thank you -- suffices? The kinds of persons who make this claim have proven time and time again to be wholly uninterested in facts so their views are easily dismissed out of hand.

It is also well to point out that the vast majority of false rape claims are never publicized. For an eye-opening discussion of this point, see, e.g., this post. The vast majority of false rape accusers are never charged, much less punished. False rape accusers almost always remain forever shrouded in anonymity while the hapless males they accused are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. No objective observer would disagree that false rape reporting is a crime brushed under the rug far more often than not.

In contrast, any rape allegation is news. To cite an example from the past couple of days, how about this lovely headline: "Report: Marko Jaric Under Investigation For Alleged Sexual Assault."

Marko has now been cleared, but the damage has been done. He will never regain the reputation he once enjoyed. That is the nature of a false rape claim.

Men are at times killed or kill themselves over a false rape claim; they are beaten and spat upon; they lose their wives, their girlfriends, their social support, their jobs and their businesses. Few men emerge unscathed from a false rape claim, and for most it is the worst thing they will ever experience in their lives. Spend several hours reviewing this website before you roll your eyes in disgust at the very suggestion that an entire class of citizens is being unfairly ignored in our zeal to wage a war on rape, and on fear of imaginary rampant male predation.

And while the slightest allegation of a rape is sufficient for a news editor to destroy a man, can anyone assert with a straight face that the subsequent revelation of the claim's falsity is given equal coverage by news outlets? Very rarely.

The most blatant false rape claim cases are hardly ever given front page treatment, and even when they are published they usually include ample quotations from someone who disingenuously minimizes the prevalence of false rape claims or who points out that the real harm of a false claim is not to the men and boys who are the actual victims of this crime but to the future, hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be dissuaded by such lies from coming forward.

So even when the story is about false rape claims, news reporters manage to change the subject to a completely different crime -- rape.

Those who insist false rape claims garner more than their fair share of publicity should kindly spare us their unfounded speculation, surmise, and, yes, their darkest misandry. Because that is all it is.