Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shocker: Even Peter Bacon's accuser calls for anonymity for men until conviction

Comment: The following quotes appear in an interview with Peter Bacon's accuser, who whose name is not splashed all over the Internet -- unlike the man she accused. Two points are of interest.

First, she feels that men accused of rape should be anonymous until conviction:

"I do feel sorry for Peter Bacon that his picture was all over the papers before the verdict. Whatever has happened, I don't feel that is right. Why should people, until they are convicted, be named and shamed?

"Men accused of sexual violence can be vilified and subjected to vigilante attacks-and I don't condone that sort of behaviour at all."

Second, she recounts with compassion the time she defended an innocent young man of rape:

While talking about the law, she recalled a time she herself defended a rapist.

She said: "I had to deal with a young man who was convicted of rape in circumstances that beggared belief. He said he'd had consensual sex with a girl he'd met in a club. They'd kissed, cuddled and even had sex in public.

"She'd gone home, never said anything for a month and it was only when she discovered she was pregnant that she told her deeply religious parents that she'd been raped.

"He ended up being convicted. He got nine years. When I encountered him, he had already appealed once but we were told there weren't any grounds for a further appeal.

"It was heartbreaking."

Link: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/242428/Id-never-report-rape-again.html