Monday, March 23, 2009

Second local teen concocts rape lie for sympathy: town reacts less leniently this time

Comment: A false rape accuser is charged for her crime, in contrast to a widely publicized rape hoax that occurred in the same locale last autumn. In that previous case, the false accuser was not charged.

You may recall that the previous rape (where the girl was not charged) elicited some heated posts on this website critical of the reporting of it. A local newspaper resorted to quoting the opinions of sexual assault "experts" who insisted that rape accusers "almost always" tell the truth about sexual assault. What was interesting about that article was that it cited Professor Eugene Kanin's landmark study on false sexual assault claims as authoritative. But guess what? The article somehow forgot to mention that Kanin's study found that fully 41% of the rape claims in his study were false -- in fact, not just false but actually recanted. The number of claims that were actually false might have been higher. I suppose the 41% didn't fit the story the newspaper set out to tell. See, e.g., this post about the news coverage of the prior false rape claim.

This time around, though, that same newspaper is telling a different story. We reported yesterday that a columnist for that same newspaper who previously thought that the police were right not to charge the young woman in the first rape hoax has changed her mind this time around. Bravo for her.

Clearly police and the news media are saying "enough is enough." Perhaps exposure to this vile crime allows one to see its destructiveness. They should consult this website on a daily basis to truly get a sense of the harm this crime causes -- and to understand how disingenuous rape advocates can be when they insist that this crime is a "myth."


Tinley woman may be charged for fake rape claim

BY KIM JANSSEN Staff writer

A Tinley Park woman who allegedly falsely claimed she’d been raped on her way home from the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day parade is set to be charged, police said Tuesday morning.

The 19-year-old invented a story about a sex attack to evoke sympathy from her parents — and distract them from the fact that she’d been drinking — Tinley Park Police Cmdr. Pat McCain said.

“We interviewed her on Sunday, but she was tired and so we let her go home because we didn’t want to be like the CIA with her,” McCain said.

“We interviewed her friends and there were just too many inconsistencies; when we interviewed her again yesterday initially she was holding to her story, but the inconsistencies kept growing and growing and in the end she admitted she’d made it up.

“She’d been drinking and she was afraid to go home to her parents.”

The woman will be charged Tuesday with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, McCain said.

She had claimed she was sexually assaulted about 5 p.m. Sunday in the west end of the Metra parking lot at 18001 S. 80th Ave., Tinley Park.

The woman alleged she was taking the train to her Tinley Park home from the parade in Chicago’s Beverly community when the attack occurred, McCain said.

The woman was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

She was not in police custody as of 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The decision to charge her stands in contrast to that taken by Palos Heights police in the case of a 17-year-old girl who in September falsely claimed she was kidnapped from the sandwich shop where she worked and raped.

Though that earlier hoax prompted an investigation that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, the girl was not charged with any crime.