Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rape accuser recants some evidence and flees the country, but the press still calls her a rape 'victim'

Comment: Read the news story below and decide for yourself if this rape accuser deserves to be called a "victim" as she is identified in the headline. In fact, the word should appear in quotation marks. She recanted some of her testimony, leading the police to withdraw her rape charges against two of her alleged assailants, then she fled the country before the trial for the third man. It is astounding that in this day and age, when so much is written about false claims, the press still bestows the "v" title on women prior to a conviction. If a woman is a "victim," that means the presumed innocent male she accused must be a "rapist." The moral: once the "victim" title is bestowed on a rape accuser, it is as difficult to remove as skunk odor from a coat. And we know that once men or boys are falsely accused of rape, the stigma usually accompanies them for life. This headline is but another indication of the disrespect shown for the presumed innocent who are accused of this vile crime. (And I wonder if the sexual assault propaganda machine will chalk this one up as yet another "rape" for which there was no conviction, even though it seems fair to conclude that the woman falsely accused at least two men and possibly the third.)


Christmas day gang rape victim flees: court told

The alleged victim of a Christmas day gang rape has fled the country and has no intention of returning or cooperating with authorities, a Perth court was told today.

Defence lawyer Mark Andrews made the comment as his client Roberto Ramy, 22, appeared in the Perth Magistrate’s Court today on one count each of aggravated sexual penetration and deprivation of liberty.

Mr Ramy’s two co-accused have both had charges against them withdrawn after police re-interviewed the alleged 18-year-old victim and she recanted some of her evidence.

It was alleged the three men forced her into a car before gang raping her at a Nollamara unit on Christmas day.

The matter was adjourned for two weeks.

Link: http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=77&ContentID=130590