Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off topic: Live castrations, children's penises hanging from belts: who is speaking out against human rights abuses that target males?

This is off-topic, but it's not. It's sadly indicative of a world-wide attitude that refuses to recognize that dastardly human rights violations do, indeed, specifically target males. This article, on trafficking of human body parts in Mozambique and South Africa, explains that ritual killings are "common," and body parts are used in purported medicines.

According to the article, young men are attacked and their genitals are cut off while they are still alive. One researcher recounted an interview with a "woman who had gone to a sangoma for help to [become] pregnant. The sangoma gave her a belt to wear. From the belt hung the fingers and penises of children. Although the woman felt uncomfortable about the belt, she wore it. She paid R4 000 for the consultation."

The article notes: ". . . researchers could not find a single case in which someone caught carrying a body part had been prosecuted. According to the Mozambican Human Rights League (LDH), which initiated the research, this is because there is no legislation - local or international - that criminalises the carrying of a body part without evidence linking the suspect to the actual murder."

What is striking is the absence of any outcry. Our feminist sisters have done a far better job at raising awareness about crimes that single out women. Is it that men refuse to acknowledge that they, too, can be victims of inhumane acts?