Thursday, March 26, 2009

From a feminist blog: 'All women are . . . always in danger' of rape. Sigh

Someone sent me a link to yet another feminist blog I'd never heard of and don't ever plan to look at again. Here is all you need to know about it (the punctuation is as it appears in the original).

"rape is a weapon of war. even in places that aren't at war- ALL women are always at war. always on the defense. always in danger."

Sigh. I wonder if the writer really believes that?

I wonder if the writer realizes that innocent young men are in much greater danger of being assaulted than women -- in fact, they are assaulted twice as much? See here. For some reason I suspect they will find a reason to dispute or minimize this because it doesn't fit their victim metanarrative. The fact is, it is truer to say, "Men are always in danger" than "Women are always in danger."

We've said this repeatedly, because it's true: hysteria is the engine that drives the so-called "rape culture," and false rape claims are its noxious emissions. With all the fear-mongering, Chicken Littles running about warning women not that "the sky is falling!" but that "young men can't be trusted!" the slightest whiff of a rape allegation is automatically believed. The hysteria gives plausibility to every rape claim, even the ones that are false. And when a rape accuser is automatically believed, the man or boy she accuses is automatically branded a rapist in the court of last resort, the court of public opinion. And that is intolerable on a multitude of levels.

In any event, I suspect that much of this fear mongering is the result of naivete. We need to combat it, and that's why we're constantly reminding people about it. See here and here and here.