Friday, March 27, 2009

False accuser violates probation, sentenced to 45 days in jail

COMMENT: It's open season on "scary" black men in the story below. Blacks and Hispanics are frequent targets of false rape claims. Note that the false accuser was originally sentenced to probation and that it was only after she violated her probation that she was jailed. It was nice of the prosecuting attorney not to blame her for the beating of a black man referenced in the story (which may have been unrelated to her false claim); he blamed it on the "rumour mill" in town. More like the hysteria mill, if you ask us. And for the feminists who think men are rape apologists because -- you know -- we all like to rape and everything (that was sarcasm), note that virtually every time a man is beaten or killed after a false rape claim, the perpetrators are angry males. Men, in general, react with greater anger about a rape charge than women do (and no, it's not because men think they "own" women -- it is often brothers and sons who react the most vehemently).

Woman gets 45 days for not following probation order

A 19-year-old woman recently placed on probation for misleading Owen Sound police into investigating her bogus rape allegations was sentenced to 45 days in jail for twice failing to comply with her probation order.

April Ibbotson, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty Thursday in the Ontario Court of Justice to failing to report to her probation officer between Jan. 8 and Jan. 23, then to breaching the order again Jan. 15 to Jan. 23 by living somewhere without first obtaining approval from her probation officer.

Ibbotson also spent 14 days in presentence custody.

In January she pleaded guilty to mischief by making false allegations that she'd twice been raped by a black man. She also pleaded guilty to failing to attend court.

A few weeks after her false accusations, a black man was beaten and stabbed downtown after being falsely accused of rape hours earlier.

The Crown attorney said at Ibbotson's original sentencing Jan. 8 that he wasn't blaming Ibbotson for anyone getting hurt. Instead, he blamed "the rumour mill in downtown Owen Sound." She also spent 58 days in pre-plea custody on those charges.