Monday, March 16, 2009

Another teen is arrested and detained for five days based on a false rape lie

Comment: The news story below presents yet another case where a young man is arrested and detained (this time for five days) based on no evidence beyond the accusation of a teenage girl.

This case once again illustrates that false rape claims are crimes of power. It is solely within the power of virtually any young woman to have virtually young man arrested based on nothing more than her word, and it is solely within her power to have him released when she admits that she committed a crime by falsely accusing him.

Except there is no mention here that the girl will be charged with a crime. This, of course, only serves to tell other girls that they can lie about other young men with impunity.

If a male failed to withdraw from intercourse for several seconds after a woman tells him to "stop," she could accuse him of rape and he could spend several years behind bars. Here, this young woman not only told the initial vile lie, she had it within her power to release this young man at any time from the five days of hell she put him through. She let him sit there. The idea that she may not be charged is reprehensible.

We, as a society, have handed far too much power to rape accusers. As shown repeatedly on this Web site, and as confirmed in every serious study ever conducted on the subject, false rape claims are a significant problem. For what other criminal allegation do we repose so much trust in the word of the accuser without any other evidence? We need to awaken to the fact that these false accusers are using the power of the state to destroy presumed innocent men and boys -- many of whom turn out to be factually innocent -- prior to a conviction.

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Police: Student Lied About Rape Inside School

By Matthew Stabley

LAUREL, Md. -- Police dropped rape charges against an 18-year-old student at a Laurel private school for children with disabilities after his accuser admitted the sex was consensual.

Howard County Police arrested John Rivers Jr., of Hyattsville, Sunday at his home and charged him with raping and assaulting a 15-year-old girl on March 6 in a stairwell at The Phillips School.

In interviews with detectives, the girl confessed that she agreed to have sex with Rivers, police said Friday. Rivers was to be released from the Howard County Detention Center Friday evening.

The charges were filed after the girl told a school administrator she was injured. She was taken to an area hospital for treatment of injuries from her stairwell encounter with Rivers. That's when police received the report of a rape.