Monday, February 16, 2009

Young man cleared in he said-she said acquaintance rape claim

A young woman who was suggestively touching and bumping and grinding a young man in a sexual manner led him out of the night club where they were dancing, and they had consensual sex in a park. She cried rape; he was attacked by passers-by and was arrested and put on trial for rape. He claimed it was entirely consensual.

Her word against his. One them is a victim, the other is a liar and a criminal. Either he is a rapist or she has made a false criminal report. Yet, of course, only he is charged. He was tried and cleared of rape.

Who wants to wager on whether she will be charged for making a false report?

For what other crime can a young man be deprived of his liberty and put through the anxiety of not knowing if he will be imprisoned for many years based on one young woman's claim?

Rape accused not guilty

A BAKER has been cleared of raping a 20-year-old woman in a park after they left an Evesham nightclub together.

Daniel Wilmot, who was attacked when the woman made a complaint to passers-by, insisted they had sex by consent.

A jury at Worcester Crown Court today unanimously found him not guilty of two counts of rape and an alternative third count of attempted rape.

Mr Wilmot, aged 21, of Clevedon Green, South Littleton, near Evesham, shouted "thank you so much" from the dock as the verdicts were announced at the end of a four-day trial.

The woman gave evidence that she and the defendant were "bumping and grinding" on the dance floor at Inuendo on January 13 last year.

They also kissed passionately and she touched him sexually.

A CCTV film showed her leading him out of the club in the early hours in the direction of Abbey Park.

The jury heard she knew 15 minutes after meeting Mr Wilmot for the first time that he wanted sex.

Mr Wilmot, who works for a supermarket, claimed she kissed him passionately in the park, voluntarily performed a sex act on him and then pulled him down on top of her.

Defence counsel Adam Western said: "The idea that she went outside for anything else but sex defies common sense."

She was unsure of some events that night because of alcohol consumption.

Mr Western said she may have made a false complaint because she didn't want her friends to find out she had gone for sex with a stranger.

He also suggested that she wanted to resume a love affair with an ex-boyfriend and if he had found out "it would scupper a reconciliation".

Mr Wilmot was hit in the face by a man before police were called to the scene.

Prosecutor Nicolas Cartwright insisted the woman had no grudge against Mr Wilmot and had nothing to gain from her allegation.

He added: "There may been provocative dancing in the club, but that doesn't mean it was a green light for what happened later."

The woman had bruises on her arms and a scratch on Mr Wilmot's back bled significantly. Damage was also found to his shirt and waistcoat.