Thursday, February 26, 2009

More details on false accuser Mandy Whittle

Comment: Yesterday we reported on the sentencing of Mandy Whittle for her false rape claim. Today, more details emerge. It turns out that the man she accused was her ex-boyfriend. She plotted to frame him while on anti-depressants, apparently for his role, or perceived role, in having her children taken from her. It is not clear if he obtained custody of the children.

This is typical of far too many cases where rape is used as a tool for revenge to destroy a man or a boy for some alleged wrong he's perpetrated on the accuser. It is arguably the most powerful tool short of murder to destroy another human being. It is so powerful because the false accuser is typically successful in enlisting the state as an unwitting co-conspirator to destroy an innocent male.

Jail for 'cry rape' mum

A mother who falsely cried rape against her former partner after her children were taken into care has been jailed for eight months.

Mandy Whittle, 38, told police her ex-boyfriend tore her clothes and raped her after she passed out.

But Bristol crown court was told Whittle plotted to frame him while she was high on anti-depressants.

He was held for several hours before being freed.

Whittle, from Pill, near Bristol, admitted perverting the course of justice.