Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man speaks out about false rape accusation

Comment: In the following article, Gordon Frow talks of what a false rape accusation has done to his life. Shunned by his friends, he even contemplated suicide -- sadly, not an uncommon thought among the falsely accused. This is the kind of thing that modern feminism refuses to acknowledge in any discussion on rape/false rape claims: the damage that it can do to an individual (usually a man), and its lingering effects. While it doesn't appear that Mr. Frow is a model citizen, what is disturbing is that he served 7 months in jail awaiting trial, but he was convicted and sentenced to 6 months for lesser crimes he admitted to, and then he was released for time served. So he served a month more than his conviction warranted? For a crime he didn't commit?

This is why false accusations must have some form of punishment -- for the effects they have on the lives of innocent persons.

False rape claim ruined my life

A man falsely accused of raping a woman in Lincolnshire has spoken out about his devastating ordeal.

Gordon Frow (28) is trying to rebuild his life after he was acquitted of rape at Lincoln Crown Court.

The doorman from North Greetwell, near Lincoln, said he was shunned by some of his friends after being charged with rape.

And he said that even some family members were unsure of his innocence.

The ordeal led him to contemplate suicide – although now he says there is an enormous sense of relief at finally being cleared.

"It's a terrible thing to be accused of," he said.

"I thought people would look down on me. Even my family were in two minds. It was traumatising."

He spent seven months in prison before the case went to trial.

"Being in prison, you are depressed, beside yourself pretty much. There's no-one to talk to."

The 28-year-old faced a five-day trial at Lincoln Crown Court which ended last week.

Mr Frow admitted that sex did take place, but insisted that the woman had consented to what happened.

He was acquitted of two charges of rape, but admitted one charge each of criminal damage, driving while disqualified and having no insurance.

Mr Frow was given a six-month jail sentence for the offences he had admitted, but he was released immediately – having already served seven months in prison while preparations were being made for the case to go to court.

Now, after the relief of being cleared of the two rape charges against him, he is ready to move on with his life.

"When I walk down the street it feels like everybody is looking at me. I know they aren't, but it feels that way," he added.