Monday, February 2, 2009

Girl recants alleged rape

The girl’s mother, Jessica Collier, said it has been a learning experience for her daughter. “She recanted, and she apologized,” Collier said. “She’s learned some important life lessons.”

Indeed she has learned an important life lesson. Since she is not being charged, she has likely learned that she can get away with the destruction of someone's life, with no repercussions. The young man involved has also learned something valuable:

If a friend could do this to me, how can I trust someone who’s not as close to me?

This is an excellent question. And one that I hope he learns a valuable lesson from. Acquaintance rape accusations are the most prevalent of rape accusations. They are, however, the most likely to be false claims, due to alcohol/drug use, and the accuser not remembering if everything was consensual, or regretting the incident.

What actually happened the night of Dec. 27 was consensual, but the girl got scared and, “once she realized what had almost happened … she called her dad,” Collier (the girls mother) said.

So nothing actually happened and yet this boy was still arrested and imprisoned for 10 days?
Thankfully, she admitted the truth, and this young man was spared any further trauma.

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