Friday, February 13, 2009

Email to this site -- from a woman who 'gets' it: we are allied with real rape victims, even though rape is not our focus here

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'd like to thank you for recognising the difference between women who get raped and women who lie about getting raped.There is a big difference between the two, but a lot of people seem to attach the blame and judgement on all survivors of sexual assault because its something that gets exploited for use as tool to attract pity and attention by sad people who have no idea what that kind of violence feels like.

Because all the made-up stories on the subject the police dismissed it as nonsense when i tried to report being forced to have sex (I was still in school),allowing the man to terrorize me for years, knowing that no one would believe anything I said, let alone help me.

I keep thinking of how different my life would have been if that sick b***ard didn't have the cliched, overused "girl cry wolf" stereotype to use in convincing the police that it was all my imagination. He was older and smarter than me, and made sure I had no defence after he turned my own family against me, who firmly believed I was making things up until he tried to kill me around my17th birthday (another long horrible story so I wont go there).

I almost lost my life because of other people's attention seeking and mind games, who keep reporting rapes that never happened and I know that this is exactly what stops hundreds of women from getting justice for rape - no point in bringing up all these painful things only to be dismissed as a liar or an idiot.

This is why its important for people to be able to tell the difference between false and genuine reports of sexual assault - the real criminals use this confusion to get away with hurting people, while fibbers use it to generate sob stories that get them some short-lived sympathy before the truth comes crashing down.

Thank you for not forgetting the affected women even though the website is mainly about men's rights, it's so good to know that there are people out there who keep their eyes open so maybe one day things will change and there would be less women living in pain while innocent men sit behind bars, all for the sake of desperate control freaks who don't care who they hurt in their ploy to attract attention to their sad miserable selves.

I support your cause because the truth is that unfortunately a lot of women do lie about rape, which denies the honest people a chance to carry on with their lives while the people around them listen to these cheap harlots, then pass the blame and judgement onto the wrong people and that hurts. The more of these liars get punished for making things up, the less girls would be tempted to fabricate these stories because at the moment they get away with it so easily they don't care. I can't contribute that much living over the ocean, but I can make sure that any woman who in my presence decides to impersonate a rape victim as part of a pathetic pity-gathering move, i'll make take responsibility for their actions until they realise how wrong they are.

Then hopefully one day people will wake up and rape crimes will become easier to solve and the police won't have the need to treat the genuine victims as criminals or to put innocent men behind bars.

Thank you for pointing out such as delicate issue, i think i'm not the only person who is glad to see some light being spilt onto this whole thing instead of the usual pattern of "expert" opinions from random people generated out of half-baked ideas and unconfirmed facts heard on tv/ at their local shop, then biased with personal attitudes and broadcasted on the internet, masquerading as the truth.

I really appreciate feeling that my hope has not been in vain all these years, feel free to contact me if there's anything I can do to help other people whose lives have been ruined by rape (the real kind or the falsely accused kind).

Sorry about the long letter as I'm not that great with words, too much stuff to put in a short note.

Yours Truly,
No Te Mueve (Apologies for not disclosing my name)