Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comment left on this Web site is a 'must-read': young men, especially, beware

Yesterday, my son was in court to change the date of his trial. He stood accused of sexually assaulting his crazy ex girlfriend. His charges were dismissed instead.

We had hired the best lawyer in the city. We were about to sell our home to pay for the trial. Thankfully we did not have to. We still owe considerable money to the lawyer and we will gladly pay it.

Our frustration like everyone on this site is that this girl will get off Scott free. My son passed a lie detector, the police and prosecution also know that:
1.she was stalking our son before the rape claim, calling us at all hours of the night and early am.
2.she once claimed she was pregnant by our son when that did not work was when she claimed rape
3.and she stalked him after the charge.

We decided to record the 3:00am calls she made to our son after the charges. In these calls she was providing my son with conditions / ultimatums for her to drop the charges such as couples counseling, not seeing any other women, no longer speaking to his parents - us, and dropping some friends that she deemed unsuitable. Our lawyer called it coercion. She even asked my son if he would still love her when it was over. My son had to choke out yes to keep the crazy talking.

Today our family is just relieved this horror story is over. At the same time we are very frustrated that we can do nothing about her actions and the harm she caused our son as well as the serious potential harm of going to jail and having a criminal record. By the way I am speaking Canadian law.

I read this site, during the year and a half of our ordeal as a way of giving myself some hope.

I am writing so perhaps others in similar situations will get hope from our story. My advice is keep good records - every detail can be important if you are dealing with a vindictive mentally ill female. And take a lie detector test, maybe not valid in court but it helped us.