Friday, February 20, 2009

British Tennis Player Speaks About False Rape Allegation

Comment: Once again, a woman drinks (of her own free will), has sex with someone (at her request), and regrets it the next day and claims rape.

A British tennis star, going to school in the Bible Belt, is locked up soley on a young woman's claim of rape. He contemplated suicide. Even after it was over, he's not sure he can ever trust a woman again.

This is, perhaps, the greatest problem for men when alcohol is a factor in this type of incident. And when the laws absolve women of any responsibility for the choices they make, it adds up to a disaster waiting to happen -- for men. The woman said that the act was "not forced, but without her consent," but she had also specifically asked if she could sleep with Chris Doerr. Everyone agrees women should have equal rights, but this woman, and many others we've profiled on this Web site, does not want equal responsibility. Perhaps, when more women demand equal responsibility for their actions, this site, and others like it, will no longer be needed.

Man fears life will never be normal again.

Mississippi (ChattahBox) - Mississippi has long since been criticized for it’s religiously motivated laws, especially those on rape, which allow a young woman to cry “rape” if a man has sex with her, with clear consent, after she had been drinking. A startling case of such a circumstance has many wondering it maybe it isn’t time that Mississippi joined the rest of the country in modern times.

Chris Doerr, a tennis star from Britain, had been at a University of Mississippi party, with around 50 other people, all drinking, having a good time, and more or less acting like college kids do. His attentions were focused on a pretty brunette who had come to the party with two men, some beer, and some vodka.

“She started flirting with me and she was by my side all night,” the 21-year-old recalled.

“I had my arm around her and we were kissing. She was quite nice looking. She knew I was a tennis player and laughed at my jokes. Then she asked if she could sleep with me. It’s rarely in Mississippi that girls say that to a guy. But she was extremely forward.

“When we had finished, she cuddled against me and fell asleep. I woke up at about eleven the next morning and she had gone.”

It was only a few hours later when a Sherriff arrived at the door, and Doerr’s nightmare began.

“He said she was claiming she was raped, and asked me to go to the station for questioning. I was freaked out, but to me rape meant violence, holding a girl down, and I would never, ever do anything like that. I had nothing to hide so I gave him a statement.”

He was locked up, and told that any woman could claim rape if she had been drinking when she had sex. It is a common occurrence, especially in the ‘Bible Belt’, where religion still heavily influences both laws, and social behavior.

“When they told me I could go to prison for life, I considered suicide,” he admitted later.

“I got a Facebook message saying, ‘I hope you rot in jail and get raped in jail.’”

He couldn’t understand how this could happen to him, his perception of rape being of violence, force…after all, she had been the one to ask if they could sleep together, and she had stayed the entire night.

The entire case was made around the alcohol, after the girl admitted in an affidavit that the act was ‘not forced, but without her consent’, and ambiguous statement, at best, and apparently too much for the courts to handle. After a frightening battle, and evidence he didn’t supply the alcohol, Doerr was released without charge.

He plans to stay in the US, hoping to move to Florida to become a coach, but his experience has effected him greatly.

“I worry there will always be a stain on my reputation and that life will never be normal again. I don’t know when I will date again. How can I ever trust anyone?”