Friday, February 27, 2009

Girl falsely accuses boyfriend of rape to avoid getting in trouble at home

Comment: In the news story below, a teenage girl engaged in consensual sex with her teenage boyfriend but then became "worried" that she would get in trouble at home -- so she sacrificed the boy to a possible lengthy prison sentence by fabricating a tale that he had raped her. The boy, of course, was arrested, and the school sent parents a letter and an automated voicemail message stating that a juvenile had been accused of a crime.

In fact, his only "crime" was trusting his girlfriend not to destroy him by making up a vile allegation.

Professor Eugene Kanin's landmark study of rape claims in a Midwestern town over a nine year period found that the most common motivation for false claims is to serve as an alibi to "explain" an illicit sexual encounter. (And by the way, Kanin's was the most objective and authoritative study ever conducted on false rape claims. He found that of all the reported rapes covered by his study, 41% were not merely false but actually recanted.)

For what other alleged crime do we allow one citizen so much power over another -- that she can have him arrested based on no evidence other than her word? The physical "evidence" of the alleged crime is also "evidence" of the most common human act of love. It is just her say-so that causes police to arrest a hapless male, often holding him in a jail cell for months.

Does anyone wonder what has become of this boy's reputation in the community? Regardless of the fact that he committed no crime, there will always be some who will say "something must have happened."

And note at the end of the story, the school officials sent out a letter and an automated voice mail about a "crime" that had been reported against a juvenile. This, presumably, refers to the alleged rape. After it was determined there was no rape and that the only crime was the girl's false report, did the school officials send out another letter and automated voice mail to parents about that? Somehow, I highly doubt it. Boys, you see, don't need to be protected from the girls who would destroy their lives with one little lie, do they? (I would suggest that the school officials review the daily accounts of false rape claims reported on this Web site, and then send out that letter and automated voice message.)

This is a cautionary tale for young men about having sex with young women who would naturally have motive to cover up a sexual encounter. Some of these young women would just as soon destroy your very lives in order to spare themselves a lecture at home. (And note that this is in no way to suggest that women are more likely to lie than men -- in this situation, however, only one gender can successfully lie about rape.) Men and boys -- and, yes, this is victim blaming to some extent -- you need to be very, very wary of such situations.

16-year-old girl says she made up rape tale


San Bernardino police say a 16-year-old student at Cajon High School who claimed she was raped in the school parking lot Feb. 19 admitted she made up the story.

"She admitted that it was a consensual encounter," said San Bernardino Lt. Brian Koerner.

Police, who arrested the 16-year-old boy the girl accused of raping her during the lunch hour, said they will not pursue charges against the boy.

During an interview with detectives Wednesday, the girl admitted she made up the rape accusation because they were seen in the parking lot having sex, and she was worried she would get in trouble at home, Koerner said.

The girl was issued a misdemeanor citation for making a false police report.

School officials sent a letter home to parents and sent out automated voice messages to let parents know a crime against a juvenile had been reported and stressing the importance of staying in class and following school rules, said San Bernardino City Unified School District spokeswoman Linda Bardere.