Monday, February 23, 2009

Breaking news: false rape claim used as a weapon to destroy men

In the news report below from Long Island, New York, two women decided they were going to hurt a man who supposedly stole money from one of their wallets, so they falsely accused him of rape.

If a man actually did steal a small sum of money, chances are he would receive a very light sentence, most likely probation. If, in contrast, he were convicted of the rape described by these women, he would go to prison for many years. His life would be destroyed over a lie

The crime of making a false rape report is a crime of power. When false rape claims are used as a weapon with the purpose of hurting men, they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is not to excuse other motivations for false rape claims, but this particular motivation -- revenge -- occupies a special place in the sphere of vileness.

Two Women Charged With Falsely Reporting Rape on East End

After finding money missing from her wallet, a Shirley woman accused a man of rape and her friend from Mastic who was with her corroborated the allegedly false accusation, an investigation revealed on Friday, Feb. 20, Southampton Town Police say.

Caitlin Bolte, 23, called in the rape from outside the Speonk home where she was visiting friends and upon the officers' arrival, she was found sitting in a car parked out front with Kelly Kling, 22. Bolte told investigators that one of the men in the house took her to his bedroom, raped and sexually assaulted her and she then identified the man she accused, according to Southampton detectives. Kling told investigators the same account and Bolte was evaluated at Peconic Bay Medical Center, authorities add.

Detectives say that the investigation found that the two women left the house, realized Bolte left her wallet behind, and upon returning found cash missing from her wallet. That’s when she called in the rape, investigators say. Bolte and Kling were both charged with falsely reporting an incident and were released with a court date pending in Southampton Town Justice Court.