Monday, January 5, 2009

Woman lies that she was raped at a party

Another one.

In the news story below, a drunken woman tried to destroy the life of the man with whom she had just had sex by falsely accusing him of rape.

While the following advice might sound like "victim blaming," men need to be far more careful with whom they have sexual relations. Absent sex, there is no DNA, and a rape claim is far more difficult to prove. Most of the false rape claims involving an acquaintance occur after one-night stands. Too many young men have been victimized by false rape claims to dismiss such concerns out of hand.

While this story has a happy ending for the man, it could have turned disastrous. This Web site is replete with actual news accounts where the rape lie had its intended effect and the life of a young man is destroyed.


Woman made false claim that man had raped her at party

She later admitted whole story had been made up

A CULLEN woman yesterday escaped a jail term at Elgin Sheriff Court after falsely accusing a man of raping her at a party.

Kerry Gillespie, 21, of White Croft, Reidhaven Place, pleaded guilty to a charge of making a false
allegation of rape.

The court heard she had been drinking at a party at Rothes on August 29.

She was seen by a number of witnesses “dancing and drinking with a man, and seemed to be happy and enjoying his company”, fiscal depute Geoff Main told the court.

He said: “She left at around 9pm and went to her sister’s house at Lhanbryde and told her she had been raped in a bedroom.

“She seemed to be distressed and the allegation concerned the man she had been drinking with at the party.”

The police were called and arranged for her to be taken to Aberdeen police station for a medical examination by a doctor, and at that time said she had “sexual intercourse with a man at the party,” said Mr Main.

She was then taken to Elgin police station and interviewed, where she admitted making it all up.

Her solicitor, Stephen Carty, said she became more honest as she sobered up.

“She is more than aware of the gravity of this allegation and that it could result in a period of time in Cornton Vale Prison.”

Sheriff William Summers told her that it was a very serious offence.

He said: “This has involved a huge waste of police resources and may have consequences for the man involved in the future.”

Gillespie was given 120 hours of community service.